May 24 2007

From the “I need to get a real life” department

I was planning to take a pass on blogging about the weirdest research story in the current news cycle, even though jet-lag is a regular feature of my life as an ex-pat.  I mean, there are at least a dozen jokes I could make about the potential problems that could "arise" from pilots pepped up on Viagra…not to mention the near-unlimited opportunities to use the word COCKPIT inappropriately.  It was just too easy.

So I was all set to spare my 11 faithful readers the obvious and write about my continuing war against the Windoze PC and network I'm forced to use at work, but then the topic provided just the fodder I needed to be approved as a commenter on Gawker Media's newest blog, Jezebel. SCORE!

For those of you who have been living under a rock or in a remote cabin in western Montana for the last few years, Gawker Media is a major online media company responsible for some powerhouse professionally-written blogs with massive readership.  Several of them…the original Gawker (NYC media, humour and gossip), Wonkette (DC politics and humour), Defamer (Hollywood news and gossip) and Lifehacker (productivity tips, tricks and downloads)…are on my regular  reading list.

Comments on Gawker Media blogs are restricted to people who have either been invited to weigh in by the editors, or have submitted clever and witty "audition" comments that amused those editors.  I've often thought about trying to score commenter status on Wonkette, but that house is already pretty crowded with wise-@ass progressives.

Jezebel is GM's most recent offering, edited by women for women with a focus on "celebrities, sex & fashion without airbrushing."  Because it's so new, I figured my chances of making an impression on the Jezebel editorial team were a little better just by virtue of them having not having that a lot of comments to sift through at the moment.

Evidently this strategy worked, because my "audition" comment on Jezebel's "Viagra as Jetlag treatment" entry was accepted and published less than six hours after I posted it, which means I now have free reign to comment whenever I want, or until I get banned…whichever comes first. 

You can see my initial achievement here, and my second Jezebel contribution here.  And I promise not to blog about every comment I make over there…I think.

Feed my ego!

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