May 25 2007

Sometimes you’ve gotta sneak in the backdoor!

So I know I promised I wouldn't blog about every comment I make on Jezebel, but I never said anything about the ones I make on Wonkette!!!  (You'll need to scroll down a ways, it was a particularly thought-provoking entry about an Air Force airman being court-marshalled for participating in a drunken three-way.)

It turns out that once you've been approved as a commenter on one Gawker Media blog, you have privileges on all the others, too!  How incredibly SWEET is that?!

I found this out completely by accident when, while perusing Wonkette this morning, I noticed that I appeared to be "logged in."  So I tapped out a quick quip, hit the post button, and was stunned when it actually worked.  Later in the day I surfed over to Lifehacker and was able to comment there, too.

This means I have not one, but multiple new channels on which to be a smart-@$$!! 

Tomorrow it's on to Defamer and then, if I'm feeling particularly saucy, the Holy Grail…Gawker.com itself! 

It's a good thing I'm on vacation for the next two weeks.  It takes a lot of time and effort to build the reputation I'll eventually need to maintain.  Bwaa haa haa!

Feed my ego!

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