May 29 2007

My brother, Fogmaster General

For reasons known only to Mother Nature and possibly the Purdue University Travel Office, the southern Skåne region of Sweden likes to evelope itself in a blanket of fog when my brother comes to visit.

This is his second trip to Malmö by way Greece, and the second time the beauty and grandeur of our coastline (already playing ugly step-child to the Greek Islands) was lost in a fog as thick as pea soup.  Last year's incident is still referred to as "the Stinky Fog Tour" so we'll have to come up with an equally descriptive moniker for yesterday's fiasco in which visibility in the Western Harbor was probably under 25 yards…which can be both inconvenient and dangerous when you're on a bike.

Fortunately the day was somewhat redeemed when he was permitted to attend an RPM spinning class at a nearby healthclub.  He's a certified RPM instructor back in the States so it was really cool for him to see how Les Mills is done in Vikingland.  As advertised, it's EXACTLY the same…which means he didn't have any trouble with the instructor speaking Swedish.  (And since it was indoors, visibility was not an issue either.)

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