Jun 02 2007

Let’s Ride!

Fortunately my brother's ability to cover a coastline in fog does not seem to extend to Denmark.

We cycled all over Copenhagen under sunny skies on Thursday before meeting some friends for dinner.  We all initially felt guilty about ordering hamburgers at the pub my Copenhagen pals chose for the meal…but they turned out to be the Danish version of the American classic, served open face with a pile of fresh greens (rocket, red onions and sprouts) on what would normally be the top bun. Between the sprouts and the variety of sauces that came with it, this was like no hamburger I'd ever had before…and it was delicious!

Riding in Copenhagen is a real treat because the city is so bike-friendly. Vehicular and bike traffic share the road so effortlessly compared to American cities.  I cannot imagine feeling as comfortable or safe attempting the same thing in Chicago, for instance.

Tomorrow we embark on a short bike tour of Southern Skåne, which will be a completely different kind of riding. Hopefully the weather will continue to be kind!

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