Jun 08 2007

Hello Internet…I’ve missed you!

But not as much as I miss my brother, who only left a few hours ago.  I put him on the train to the Copenhagen Airport at 5 o’clock this morning so he could catch a 7 a.m. flight to Frankfurt before making the trans-Atlantic hop to Chicago.  (And yes, he plans to have words with his travel agent.)

We’ve been back from our mini bike trek through southern Skåne since Tuesday night, but this has been my first opportunity to do any blogging (or spend any amount of time online, actually).  I’m used to Dr. Darling giving me dirty looks for the amount of attention I lavish on this hobby, but when baby brother joined the Laser-Gaze Brigade, I gave up trying.

What little time I did have with my beloved iBook was spent answering e-mail (so that the rest of my family knew I was still alive) or reading the news (because it’s second only to caffeine in terms of my daily addictions…chocolate comes in a distant third, so you know it’s bad!).

Naturally I’ve got lots of stories to tell from the past week…because the ultimate irony of blogging is that the stuff that keeps you from doing it is also the most interesting subject matter to write about.  I will try to do some catching up over the weekend…which I should be able to pull off so long as Dr. Darling doesn’t come down with a sudden case of insomnia.

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