Jun 10 2007

Lazy (sort of lonely) weekend

Having served as "hostesses with the mostestes" (yes, I made that word up) for the better part of a month now, Dr. Darling and I are finding it tough to get back to into our regular routine.

We got off to a fairly good start yesterday morning by getting to the gym, but then it was all down-hill from there. Part of the problem was the heat. It was unusually warm all weekend long, which means it was even toastier in The Penthouse-Nordic and hard to get inspired to do much of anything.

Then there was the novelty of not having a schedule to keep or someone else to entertain…so spending an afternoon surfing and napping was actually an option for the first time in weeks.

But the biggest time-suck by far was the latest addition to our digital cable line-up: BBC Food. I've had a soft-spot for cooking shows hosted by people with British accents ever since The Galloping Gourmet, so when we discovered that BBC Food had been added to our cable package (at no extra charge), I knew I was in trouble.

Today I managed to pull myself away from Nigella Lawson, Jamie Oliver and my new faves, David and Si of The Hairy Bikers Cookbook, long enough to do some laundry, run (and empty) the dishwasher and attend an afternoon BBQ with some friends.

But that's only because BBC Food did not carry a special memorial tribute to the woman who invented Cap'n Crunch, which was the only disappointment in an otherwise wonderfully wasted weekend of programming.

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