Jun 12 2007

Half a million people can’t be THAT bored!

Sometime on Sunday, the hit counter here at ShazzerSpeak crossed the half-million mark.

Of course I realize that not all of those hits represent readers.  As many as half of them may not even be human if I understand the way search engine crawlers and spam comment/trackback bots work.

Still, I'm stunned by the number…mostly because it wasn't all that long ago that the hit counter registered 250,000 visitors.  In fact, it was just last December, and I know this because I blogged about it at the time and gave all due credit to Swedish soccer star Fredrik Ljungberg, whose Calvin Klein campaign seems to be the single biggest draw for this blog according to SiteMeter. (This post, written during last summer's World Cup soccer tournament, included his picture and quickly became  my "Most Read" ever with over 22,000 individual hits from people searching for Freddie in his underpants.)

What I can't figure out is why it took two years to accumulate the first quarter of a million hits, but just over six months to rack up the second quarter-million?  Assuming this growth trend continues, and ignoring my well-documented math phobia for a minute, I think it *might* be possible to crack a million hits by the end of the year!

Not that I care or anything.

Feed my ego!

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