Jun 20 2007

We so totally SUCK at anniversaries…

It was five years ago today that I made the move to Sweden and  Dr. Darling and I consider June 20th to be a landmark date in our relationship.  It’s the closest thing we have to a traditional wedding anniversary really, so we try to celebrate…when we can remember it.

Unfortunately I didn’t remember it in time to keep myself from making an early evening committment in Lund.  (A special summer edition of the radio show I host on the Lund University student station during the school year.) Dr. Darling was even worse…she’d made an appointment to have a wisdom tooth extracted.  And when she first mentioned the date to me, I didn’t even say, “I can’t believe you’re having a wisdom tooth pulled on our anniversary.”  Instead I said,” I can’t believe you’re having a wisdom tooth pulled right before Midsommar…you’re going to be in pain the whole weekend.”

But once I realized she was going to be out of commission for the evening, I felt a little less guilty for committing to the radio show, and even made plans with my co-host to go for sushi afterwards since it was a guarantee that Dr. Darling wouldn’t be eating much, if anything, for dinner. 

But then around 1 p.m. she called to say that the dentist had changed his mind about the tooth needed to come out, which was kind of a relief since we both thought he was a little too eager yank it anyway. (The tooth has been coming in very slowly for about a year now but hadn’t been giving her any trouble until last month when she was having problems keeping the gums around it clean…resulting in a small but painful infection. Once the dentist flushed it out for her and she got hold of teeny-tiny toothbrush that allowed her to keep the area clean, it was fine.)

But as happy as I was to learn that her wisdom tooth was staying put for the time being, I quickly realized that this development was going to throw a monkey wrench into my sushi plans. Dr. Darling doesn’t do sushi, or any other kind of fish for that matter, so I tend to eat it only for meals that we are not having together.  And at this point, I’d been salivating for spicy tuna inside-out for more than 24 hours…and I didn’t want to give it up.

So the “romantic anniversary dinner” that neither one of us expected to be having ended up being a two-stop carry-out affair…kebab plate with fries for her, and sushi for me.  Because after all, the ability to compromise is one of the hallmarks of healthy relationship.


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