Jun 21 2007

Matt’s dancing badly in Stockholm tonight! (Twice!)

Last month I wrote about being mesmerized by a Swedish travel company commercial that featured a backpacking tourist dancing (badly) at various locations and landmarks around the world.

Since then I’ve been following American Matt Harding‘s travels via his website, and even signed up to be notified of opportunities to dance badly with him should he be pass through my neck of the woods on his next tour.  Well, I got an e-mail from him earlier this week saying that he was indeed headed for Sweden so he could dance badly during the start of the country’s Midsummer celebrations.  How cool is that?!

Unfortunately for me, he’s going to be dancing in Stockholm rather than Malmö.  Still, I plan to participate vicariously.  There’s a really good live webcam pointed at his chosen location, Sergels Torg, and I intend to be watching when he and his new Swedish friends dance at 19:00 tonight (local time) and again at midnight.

Hell, I’ll probably dance badly right along with them here in The Penthouse-Nordic!

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