Jun 26 2007

I think I finally got the Swede’s birthday right!

Dr. Darling turned thirty-something today, and for the first time in the history of our relationship I actually got my @$$ out of bed early enough to do the traditional Swedish Birthday Breakfast-in-Bed routine for her.

Why did it take me so long, you ask?  Well for one thing, the Swede is usually incredibly low-key about these kinds of things. And considering what a championship sleeper she is, it never occurred to me that she’d actually want me to wake her up at the crack of dawn by butchering the lyrics of the Swedish birthday song.

So for the first five of her birthdays we celebrated together, I skipped it. Which probably wouldn’t have been that big of a deal had I gotten the gift part right. Unfortunately, it took me until 2006 to get her something that met her rather strict standards of utility and frugality.

At least the present was not an issue this year.  We decided sometime during the first round of summer company that our birthday gift to each other (mine is next week) would be a digital video recorder.  I’ve been campaigning for a DVR for a long time, but it wasn’t until we needed to record a bunch of our regular shows over an extended period time that Dr. Darling finally got sick of juggling VHS tapes.

Then again, I suspect my whining about her decision to record a boring Danish police drama instead of a critical episode of “Ugly Betty” that was airing at the same time probably helped pushed her over the edge.

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