Jun 29 2007

Containing my iPhone envy

It's a good thing I'm not in the U.S. right now, because if I were, I'd probably be standing in a line somewhere waiting to buy an iPhone.

iPhone spread

Even though:

#1. I know better than to buy the first generation of a new gadget.

#2. I would resent the hell out of being forced to use a specific service provider for a mimimum of two years (in the U.S. that's AT&T).

And #3.  I have serious concerns about the fact that the battery is not replaceable except by Apple authorized service centers.

As much as I adore all things Mac, I think this last issue has potential to really bite Steve Jobs in the butt unless iPhone owners can walk into a service center and have a new battery installed while they wait…kind of like a 15-minute oil change.

Still…it's one gorgeous little gadget!

Apple iPhone

Word is that it won't be available in Europe for another 6 months, which should give Apple some time to work out any bugs and me some time to figure out a way to justify buying one to my ultra-thrifty Swede. (Though I suspect I'll probably need more than 6 months considering that my current Sony Ericsson is only a year old.)

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