Monthly Archive: July 2007

Jul 31 2007

When “Holy Rollers” go literal…

Dr. Darling: Are you actually watching bowling? Shazzer: No. I’m watching Jesus Camp.  It’s a documentary about the evangelical religious movement in the United States. Dr. Darling: Did that little girl just pray outloud to Jesus before she threw her ball? Shazzer: She sure did. Dr. Darling: But she didn’t hit a single pin. Shazzer: I’m guessing Christ …

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Jul 30 2007

“Rising and shining” is relative…

Dr. Darling and I seem to have survived the first day of her new work schedule.  Of course it doesn’t take long for the novelty of getting up at 5 a.m. to wear off (less than 24 hours, in fact), so we’ve got to celebrate while we’re still speaking to each other! Regular readers of this …

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Jul 29 2007

Resetting the Swede’s body clock


Turns out the perfect clock radio has a limit for how many times it will let you hit the snooze bar. After the fifth time (I think), the alarm resets itself for the next morning. I learned this earlier today while trying to help Dr. Darling prepare for the shock of her new Monday to …

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Jul 28 2007

Now *this* is a call for impeachment!

Signs hanging from a  freeway overpass in southern California earlier this week, courtesy of the Freeway Blogger, who is my new hero.

Jul 27 2007

I’m sorry, but “West Side Story” blows…

There, I said it.  I don't care if it won 10 Oscars…the 1961 film is cheesy with a capital Cheddar. I came across the movie while flipping channels just as we were crawling into bed last night, and told Dr. Darling we had to watch it for a bit as it was a "classic" and …

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Jul 25 2007

Swedish Summer Deluge

This is the time of year when HUGE numbers of Swedes take extended summer holidays.  Swedish labor law guarantees 25 paid vacation days per year, and most folks take a fairly large chunk of them sometime in July and/or August when the weather tends to be best.  "Tends to be" being the operative phrase here.  Perhaps …

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Jul 22 2007

Task avoidance + new tech gadgets = dangerous non-productivity

The weekend is over already and I've barely put a dent in the list of things I was planning to do. First and foremost should have been the freelance fact-checking project that's due at the publisher's in London on the 28th. But as is usually the case when I'm faced with any kind of tedious, …

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