Jul 01 2007

See Malmö (almost) live!

Props to my pal MisfitDuck for alerting me to a MUCH better Stortorget webcam than the one I had previously linked under the "Potentially Useful" heading near the top of the right-hand sidebar.

This one is capturing the city's main square from approximately the same location as the earlier version, but it has a high speed refresh rate that allows you to see people walking (albiet a bit jerkily) and flags flapping in the breeze. It's very cool.

The host site has a few other high-speed webcams in Malmö, including this one pointing at the Turning Torso building out in the Western Harbour, plus quite a few others from around Sweden…so folks can surf by for a self-guided virtual tour of Vikingland.

God I love the internet.

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