Jul 06 2007

Great weather for ducks continues…

Okay now it's just getting ridiculous.  Not to mention dangerous.

There is so much flooding in our part of southern Sweden that transportation is now being impacted.  My boss never even made it into the office today due to standing water on the main north-south motorway.  After sitting in a massive traffic jam for close to two hours this morning…he just turned around and went home so he could "phone in" a long-planned department meeting.

And road traffic is just part of the problem…even some trains are cancelled because of high water and the resulting wash-out of soil underneath the tracks. Dr. Darling's train up to Laholm at mid-day had to be diverted inland in what she later described as a "farm tour."  By early afternoon all rail traffic running north from Landskrona to Helsingborg was cancelled and replaced by buses.

Fortunately, my trip home was in the other direction. But because there were no trains moving north of where I started, traffic was still something of a mess and the going was very slow. Needless to say it was not the most auspicious start to the weekend, so I comforted myself with my usual "Dr. Darling's Out-of-Town Dinner"…sushi.  (I HAD to keep with the water theme of the day, after all.)

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