Jul 08 2007

Is that blue sky I see?

I’m not sure I remember what it looks like!

We got a bit of a break from the rain yesterday…just a few sprinkles here and there, though it it looked like the clouds could open up at any time.  Then today, after teasing me all day long, the sun finally managed to edge its way out for a while early this evening…just in time for the weekend to be over. Typical.

The sun’s reappearance coincided with the return of Dr. Darling, who had been up in Laholm all weekend helping to close down her grandfather’s house…a chore that evidently precluded her from answering her mobile phone or replying to text messages in a timely fashion today. So since I had no idea if she’d be home for dinner, I joined some friends for sushi…setting a new personal record for raw fish consumption in the course of a single week. Because everybody needs goals!

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