Jul 09 2007

And the tourists descend…

The high season for tourism has definitely arrived in Sweden.
This morning I practically had to step over about a dozen backpackers who were sacked out (literally) on one of the main platforms at Malmö‘s Central Station.  I’ll admit it probably seemed like a good spot when they arrived in the middle of the night, but at 7 a.m. they were right in the thick of the morning commuter rush.  I’ve always envied people with the ability to sleep anywhere.
Based on the appearance of their gear, it looked as though they’d spent the last couple days camping in a swamp…which is actually a pretty accurate description of the Skåne region recently. My guess is that they were just so damned glad to be someplace dry that they didn’t even notice the passing train- and foot-traffic.
The other clear sign that tourist season is upon us is the addition of informational public address announcements in English…both at the station and on the trains themselves.  I always get a kick out of these as it’s quite obvious that they’re not pre-scripted, and the person making the announcement is one of two people; the staffer who pulled the short straw among a crew that’s painfully uncomfortable speaking English, or the staffer who relishes any opportunity to show off his/her language skills and goes completely overboard with information and explanations.
Either way, it’s very entertaining to us locals!
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