Jul 20 2007

In praise of 3/4-length pants!

Can I just say that 3/4-length pants, or capri's, knickers, plus-fours…whatever you call them in your part of the world…are like the most practical summer slacks option EVAH?!!

Especially here in southern Sweden where this time of year it's often not hot enough for shorts but too warm for long pants…sometimes all in the same day. And because the country's casual corporate culture is even more laid-back from mid-June to mid-August, I can even wear them to work in combination with a nice collared golf shirt and pair of leather sandals.  Today's ensemble also features one of our corporate baseball caps…because it's Friday and besides that I had my hair cut last night and haven't had a chance to cover the newly revealed gray yet.

This style of pants are extremely popular in the Nordic countries and are commonly worn by men as well as women.  My brother bought a couple pairs when he was here last month and is now trying to start the trend in the American Heartland.  Last time I asked how it was going he reported that he still hadn't been beaten up yet…so that's promising!

My personal collection of 3/4 length pants recently doubled from three to six pairs courtesy of a sale at one of our favorite outdoor stores.  They were such a good deal that even Dr. Darling…who regular makes fun of my fondness for them…decided she could use a couple pairs too, and much to my shock and amazement she even acquiesced to some dark red ones when the colour choices were somewhat limited in her size. This is a MAJOR concession from someone who thinks a military green t-shirt is too bright and attention-drawing to wear anywhere but in the privacy of her own home.

Evidently the dark red 3/4-length pants are the exception to the Swede's personal fashion rules about colour because not only did she wear them to the outdoor performance of Carmen the other night, she took them on a recent trip up to her Mom's place!  Now normally her entusiastic adoption of anything that she'd teased me about earlier would require that I give her a raft of shit about it…but she looks so damn cute in them that I just can't do it!

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