Jul 25 2007

Swedish Summer Deluge

This is the time of year when HUGE numbers of Swedes take extended summer holidays.  Swedish labor law guarantees 25 paid vacation days per year, and most folks take a fairly large chunk of them sometime in July and/or August when the weather tends to be best.  "Tends to be" being the operative phrase here.  Perhaps there's still some hope for August.

After June set an all-time record for rain, July seems to have decided not to be outdone. It was pouring so hard this morning that I had to suit up in full rain gear for the 10-minute walk to the train station.  And as usual, the donning of the rainpants was a last minute decision that turned what had been a leisurely morning into a chaotic rush to get out the door.

Dr. Darling has been getting up with me this week in an effort to prepare herself for the shock of starting her new job (at 7 a.m. Monday) and to walk Smilla…something that's not a lot of fun to do in wet weather.  And had it been any other that the first walk of the day, the dog probably could have handled waiting until the rain eased up a bit.  But the urgency for Smilla combined with the Swede's interest in getting it over with as soon as possible made it logical for them to head out the door when I did.

They ended up walking with me most of the way to the train station via a small park along the canal where Smilla could "do her business", and it was here…standing in the rain watching the dog sniff out the best possible spot to take a dump…that I realized I'd left my mobile on the dining room table. Doh! Clearly the addition of a surprisingly chatty Dr. Darling and a dancing dog to my morning routine was more than I could handle at that hour.

And so in spite of the extra layer of inclement weather clothing, it appears I will be spending the whole day feeling naked.

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