Jul 29 2007

Resetting the Swede’s body clock

Turns out the perfect clock radio has a limit for how many times it will let you hit the snooze bar. After the fifth time (I think), the alarm resets itself for the next morning.

I learned this earlier today while trying to help Dr. Darling prepare for the shock of her new Monday to Friday routine.  She’ll have to be on a train at 5:42 a.m. in order to be at work in Copenhagen by 7:00, and since she is NOT a morning person by any means, so I’ve committed to getting up with her the first week. (There’s some self-preservation in this decision. If she gets up on her own, I’ll be subjected to her annoying alarm clock beeping progressively louder until she’s finally conscious enough to turn it off.)

So, knowing that we’d both need to go to bed fairly early tonight, we decided to set my clock radio to go off at 7 this morning, which is WAY early on a Sunday. Frankly I’m not surprised that the snooze bar got pushed to its limit, especially since we weren’t home from Halmstad until nearly midnight last night. (For the record, the only thing worse than riding the train on a Saturday night is riding the train on a Saturday night during a full moon when the drunk people are more obnoxious than usual.)

But even though we didn’t actually get out of bed until 8 … we were *technically* awake (for the most part) at 7 … so with any luck we’ll be ready to hit the sack by 10 tonight. I just wish it was going to be dark by then.

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