Jul 30 2007

“Rising and shining” is relative…

Dr. Darling and I seem to have survived the first day of her new work schedule.  Of course it doesn’t take long for the novelty of getting up at 5 a.m. to wear off (less than 24 hours, in fact), so we’ve got to celebrate while we’re still speaking to each other!

Regular readers of this blog know that the Swede is an Olympic-caliber sleeper who is so dedicated to her sport that she cannot be rousted by anything less than the most annoying of alarm clocks and several strikes of the snooze bar. Unfortunately, this “training regimen” is not especially fun for anyone else who might be sleeping in the same room…particularly if they don’t need to get up at that time.

Remarkably, I’ve managed to avoid this problem for the better part of the last five years because with the exception of a three-month project Dr. Darling did for a big government lab in Copenhagen, I’ve always had to be up and out the door before her. Not any more though, which leaves me two choices…get up when she needs to by being gently awakened by music from my projector clock radio, or sleep in the guestroom-slash-office.

So I got up with her this morning, had a big, leisurely cup of coffee (after filling an insulated mug for her to take on the train), and was at the gym by 6:00. Turns out this is a great time to work-out…I practically had the whole place to myself. I’m going to try to get there three mornings a week.

In the meantime, Dr. Darling had a pretty good first day as a Ph.D postal carrier. She was assigned to shadow a male colleague (and fellow Swede) who probably thought he was being kind by asking if the work was too physically taxing for her every 30 minutes or so…because he would be happy to take a break if she needed one. He was especially concerned that she’d have trouble with the delivery bike.

But for some reason she decided not to tell him that she’s ridden a fully-loaded touring bike all over Scandinavia…including a marathon 700 kilometer trip to Oslo FOR FUN.  She’s so considerate that way.

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