Aug 01 2007

That didn’t take long…

Well, the rose is already off the bloom for the Swede regards her new job.  After having an easy first day in which she was done with her route by 1:30 p.m., she got tagged to deliver two routes yesterday because of absences and didn't finish until 5:00.

Then this morning, the 5:42 train was cancelled because they didn't have a crew to run it (starting to see a pattern here?) so she boarded the next departure for Copenhagen at 6:02.  The following account of what happened next is based on the series of text messages I got from her over the subsequent two hours.

Evidently the 6:02 was in the middle of the Öresund Bridge when it broke down. It sat there for the better part an hour before the decision was made to evacuate all the passengers. Now I'm not sure that you can tell from the picture in the link above, but the bridge has two levels…the upper deck is handles the vehicular  traffic and the trains run on the level directly below it.  As you might expect, there's not a lot of extra room to move around on the train deck, and what space is there is not really designed to accommodate large numbers of people.

Here's a picture from the local newspaper's website showing evacuees walking on the narrow metal grid to get back to the "rescue train" that would take them back to the Swedish side of the bridge.

people being evacuated from a train on the Oresund Bridge 

Once back in Sweden, Dr. Darling and the other passengers (which included several of her work colleagues as it turned out) had to wait for all the train traffic heading in both directions to be moved and coordinated to take place on a single track over the bridge. 

She eventually made it to work, just about three and a-half hours after she left The Penthouse-Nordic, and almost 40 minutes after I arrived at my office in Landskrona…although I'd been to the gym, had a shower, ridden my own train for 35 minutes, and eaten breakfast by then.

Welcome to the wonderful world of commuting, Sweetie!

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