Aug 06 2007

Some Mondays are worse than others…

Today began Week 2 of our new weekday schedule, AKA “Neverending Bootcamp in Hell.”  So far we’ve discovered that the getting up at o’dark-thirty part is fairly do-able…it’s the getting to bed by 10 p.m. part that’s proving to be difficult.

Especially last night as Dr. Darling had spent most of the weekend out-of-town learning how much she
does not want to have children, so we had a LOT of stuff to talk about when she got home. We also had to run an errand that involved hauling large pieces of a semi-assembled IKEA wardrobe out of a friend’s apartment, into her brother’s Volvo station wagon (which we had on loan just for the weekend), and then up to The Penthouse-Nordic.
By the time we got back from parking the car behind the Central Station (where my brother-on-law and his wife will pick it up later today), it was 9 p.m. and the Swede had added a vehicle to the list of  things she did not want to have. I was tempted to ask her if our plans to eventually get a dog were also being scrapped, but she doesn’t appreciate my sense of humour quite as much when she’s tired and cranky. Her mood mellowed considerably after a shower and a much-needed gin & tonic, but by then it was time to hit the sack. (Have I mentioned that it’s still light outside at 10 p.m. here in southern Sweden?)
And while the gin & tonic certainly helped us both drop off to sleep, I’m wondering if it wasn’t also the cause of the ferocious headache I woke up with this morning…though it’s more likely the wildly fluctuating barometric pressure. (My sinuses are very sensitive to it, and besides that, one small G&T could not possibly be responsible for this kind of pain.) And can I just say that no one should have to deal with a child-proof cap AND a hermetic seal at 5 o’clock on a Monday morning?!!!
I felt so crappy that I skipped the gym in favor of an extra half hour in bed (ostensibly to let the ibuprofen work its magic). I still managed to make the 6:38 train to Landskrona, however…meaning I’ll be able to leave the office early enough to squeeze some kind of physical activity into our incredible short evening if I want. “If I want” being the operative phrase here.
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