Aug 16 2007

Still laughing like a Geisha

I have a summer cold that is hanging on for dear life and it’s really starting to piss me off.  Mostly because I know I’ve probably contributed to its tenaciousness by my refusal to take it seriously. It’s the middle of August for crying outloud!!! I’m rarely sick during the “cold season” so to be this miserable at this point in the year is friggin’ ridiculous.

Accordingly, my strategy since initially feeling kind of punk on Sunday afternoon has been to ignore it…which means I haven’t been looking after myself the way I should.  I finally gave in last night and broke into our much-envied but rarely-used stash of over-the-counter cold medicine from the U.S. in the hopes of at least getting a decent night’s sleep.  The outcome was mixed…I slept fairly well, but didn’t wake up feeling appreciably better for it.  In fact, no fewer than three colleagues told me that I looked like hell today…all before 8 a.m.  NICE.

And because my lips are chapped (did I mention it was August, AND unusually humid for Sweden right now?) I can’t smile without splitting one open…which hurts like hell and bleeds besides…prompting Dr. Darling to point out that she always knows when my lips are chapped because I laugh like a stereotypically shy Japanese woman. Also NICE.

There’s never a good time to be sick, but my timing is (as usual) particularly bad.  A good friend from the U.S. (who’s never been to Sweden before) is arriving this afternoon for a week-long visit.  This was a last-minute decision on both our parts…she got such a fantastic deal on the airfare that I told her she HAD to come, even though neither the Swede nor I had any vacation time left.  Fortunately she’s a very independent sort who will have no trouble entertaining herself while we’re working.  Dr. D should be meeting her at the airport right now.

I think I’m going to try to leave early so I can hang out with Beks and pretend I have jetlag, too.

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