Aug 20 2007

So much to blog, so little time…

I don't know how many times I've complained about the fact that a lot of my best material for blogging occurs when I have the least amount of time available to blog it. It's one of those "nature of the beast" situations, I guess. (Or maybe it's a "vicious circle" situation…I'm not sure which.)

Dr. Darling and I are currently hosting a good friend from the U.S. on her first-ever trip to Vikingland, and as expected, her visit has been chock-full of "bloggable moments" so far. But I've been too busy being in those moments to actually sit down and write about them…which is why I'm thinking about taking Beks on as ShazzerSpeak's first official guest blogger.

If I were going to turn my blog over to anyone, Beks would be the obvious choice. She was a copy editor for my first newspaper job, and taught me more about grammar than any of the English teachers I'd ever had. (Of course learning Swedish has destroyed my English grammar skills as well as my ability to spell, but that's not her fault.) Beks is no slouch as a writer herself, having recently completed and successfully defended a Ph.D dissertation.

This accomplishment has earned her a new nickname…"Dr. Sweetie"…which plays into our shared love of all things "Absolutely Fabulous".  In fact, Dr. Sweetie was actually present when I met Dr. Darling for the first time…in London to see a live performance of French & Saunders (the two comedians who wrote the original sketch upon which AbFab is based). To be honest, Dr. Darling might very well have been dubbed Dr. Sweetie had it not been for my well-documented fondness for alliteration.

So obviously, Dr. Sweetie is more than qualified to chronicle our adventures for ShazzerSpeak readers while she's here.  Besides, she's got the time because she's on vacation.

Feed my ego!

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