Aug 22 2007

The Mothership has landed!

But it seems that getting out of O’Hare last night was a nightmare.

She arrived at the international terminal with what she thought was documentation for an e-ticket, but the agents at the check-in desk said she should have been sent a paper one (she hadn’t). And even though the print out she had with her from the on-line travel agency showed both a receipt for the fare and a seat assignment, the airline (SAS) insisted that she had to buy another ticket in order to board flight.  And it was only through the efforts of an unusually aggressive customer service agent that she was able to get on the  plane at all, and that she will (eventually) be refunded for the previous ticket.

Then once she was onboard, she was served a kosher meal that the flight attendants said she had pre-ordered…which was kind of surprising since 1) she’s not Jewish and B) the ticket she was flying on had only been purchased an hour before.  The food was so bad that she barely touched it.  Then instead of the complimentary wine (which might have made dinner slightly more edible) she asked for a glass of tomato juice…thinking that it would be a little more substantive and help make up for the kosher meal she wasn’t eating). Well, the juice was terrible, too, and she didn’t drink any more than a sip.

Of course she was completely engrossed in her novel by the time the cabin crew came around to clear up the dinner trays, and the flight attendant who took hers didn’t think she was finished and left the tomato juice on her tray…which she later (in the darkened cabin) managed to dump all over her pants.

The rest of the flight was pretty uneventful…but she emerged from customs in Copenhagen looking a little like an accident victim.  Fortunately we have laundry time booked tomorrow night.

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