Aug 28 2007

Letter home…

I helped my Mom writer a rather length e-mail to my brother yesterday morning. Not because she isn’t capable herself of doing it by herself, but because the Swedish keybord on our Windoze machine gives her fits, and the U.S. keyboards on our Mac laptops aren’t much easier for her. So she dictated her thoughts to me and we got the e-mail sent much faster.

Among the things she told him were that we’ve booked the train tickets for our trip to Stockholm and that she LOVES the Yoplait coconut yogurt that he raved about when he got home from visiting us in June. Beks thought it was divine as well, and like my brother…ate it for breakfast every day while she was here.

The latest addition to The Penthouse-Nordic breakfast menu is a new Tropicana juice combo with grape, raspberry, blackberry, cherry and red currant flavours called “Red Pleasure“…which is so divine that sometimes we have to drink it alone and in private.

The weather has been cool, cloudy and occasionally very wet.  But Mom’s only comment has been that it beats the hell out of 90-degree temps and 90% humidity back home in Indiana. The sun is finally shining this morning…so we’re going to sprint out to the Western Harbour while it’s bathed in an actual summer glow. (How novel!)

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