Aug 31 2007

The last day of summer…such as it was

I can't believe today is August 31.  And not because time is passing so quickly (though it is)…but because it's 54 friggin' degrees outside.

I'm so glad my mother paid high-season rates (TWICE) to fly to Sweden in August…because so far they only way this visit has differed from her two previous Easter-week trips is the amount of foliage.  It's rained for a portion of virtually every day since her arrival on the 22, and now it's being reported that this has been Sweden's chilliest August in more than 60 years. Great.

But in typical Scandinavian fashion, we have not let the weather alter our plans much. In fact, we trolled the canals of Copenhagen in the rain all day yesterday.  The forecast is equally crappy for our trip to Stockholm on Sunday…and we don't even care!

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