Sep 02 2007

Backing into Stockholm…

Greetings from the X2000, the Swedish rail system's “express train” to Stockholm. In this case, express means a four and a-half hour journey rather than a six hour one.

The Mothership and I are embarking on a 30-hour adventure in Sweden's capital city, which may not sound like a lot of time…but keep in mind that our last Scandinavian capital city excursion road trip (Oslo in 2005) lasted only 9 hours. (Though in fairness, a significant part of that adventure was travelling there and back by overnight ferry via the Oslo Fjord.) Now that I think about it, I guess our recent day in Copenhagen should count as well as well…but since that Scandinavian capital is barely a 30 minute train ride from Malmö, it hardly qualifies as a “road trip”.

This is only my second time on the X2000, which is quite spacious and comfortable compared to the regional trains I take for my commute or when travelling up to the in-laws in Halland.  It does rock and roll a little more because of the high rate of speed it travels, and motion sickness is not uncommon among first-time passengers.  I've been somewhat inclined toward motion sickness since childhood but have so far I've managed to keep from going completely green around the gills.

Our back-facing seats are not helping matters, however.  When I made the reservations I was given the option of choosing an aisle or window seat, but no choice as to which direction the seats would face…which to my mind is a far more critical concern. I was really jazzed about the internet access on board and figured I could use the travel time to blog and catch up on e-mail, but I'm not sure I have the intestinal fortitude (pun very much intended) to take advantage of it.

Mom, on the other hand, does not seem to be the least bit impacted by the speed or the seat direction, and so far has managed to read up on the Vasa Museum, eat breakfast, knit five rows on the hat she's working on and fight with a Sudoku puzzle…and that's just in the last two hours!

Okay, the nausea is rising so I think it's time to post this and close my eyes for a bit.  More from the hotel tonight! (And via Twitter until then!)

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