Sep 02 2007

Our first nine hours in Stockholm…

Other than a single, early navigation glitch, I managed to guide us directly to all of our planned destinations (Sergelstorg, Gamla Stan and the Changing of the Guard at the Swedish royal palace, the Djurgåren Ferry over to the Vasa Museum) today…including the hotel. Dr. Darling AKA "Magellan" would have been so proud of me!

Our room is pretty spacious by European standards and is conveniently equipped with both wireless internet (LOVE IT!) and an oscillating fan, which is a very good thing considering I forgot to pack my little white noise machine. (Though even if I had remembered it, I might have chosen to leave it behind just to  avoid carrying it.) I'm so tired now that I probably wouldn't even have needed 30 minutes of fake rain shower to fall asleep.

I think I may have worn The Mothership out, too.  She's been crashed out for an hour already…and we didn't even have any wine with our wonderfully flavourful yet not over-the-top expensive Italian dinner.  Tomorrow our schedule includes the Royal Canal Tour, Skansen and my company's corporate offices.  That's sure to be the highlight of the trip…NOT.

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