Sep 05 2007

A lovely day to fly…

Today marked the nicest weather we’ve seen in southern Sweden in the last two weeks…just in time for my mother to board a plane for the U.S. Typical.

She was a terribly good sport about it…especially when you consider that she had to spend part of yesterday (her last full day here) watching me jump through the hoops required to replace the contents of my Stockholm-snatched wallet.  FUN!

Aside from the crappy weather, Dr. Darling not having any time off from work to play, getting pick-pocketted on our trip, and the little neighbor boy who has recently taken to peeing regularly in the basement stairwell of our building…we had a really wonderful visit.

But even though I’m planning to be in the U.S. for Christmas just a few months from now, it was still really tough to watch her head into the security checkpoint at Kastrup.  Probably because I’ve done so many airport goodbyes with friends and family this summer…four of them since mid-May. 

I was looking at the calendar earlier this evening and realized that we’ve had houseguests for more than six weeks of the last 3 and a-half months.  I’m not sure the Swede and I even remember how to live together when it’s just the two of us.  On the other hand, we’ll probably have a lot of fun figuring it out. ;^)

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