Sep 07 2007

Financially solvent again…

My new bank card arrived in the mail today and since I've been feeling somewhat crippled this week without it, I couldn't wait to get it activated. Though why I had to make a personal appearance at the bank in order to do this remains a mystery…it's the first time they've required it of me since I opened the account in 2003.

Now it should be emphasized that having to do any kind of business AT a Swedish bank is an absolute pain-in-the-@$$ because they still ascribe to traditional bankers' hours…which means they're never open when its actually convenient for customers to go. The fact that the branch closest to us happens to be open until 6 p.m. on Fridays is a minor miracle, really.

I wasn't expecting the new card to turn up until Monday, so the possibility of actually having access to my own money over the weekend was just too good to pass up…so I left Dr. Darling to start the laundry (because we're too tired to do anything else tonight) and sprinted down to the bank. Unfortunately, it didn't occur to me to take a passport with along, and for some reason the bank clerk didn't want to accept my gym card as a valid form of ID. (It's the only thing in my replacement wallet that has my picture on it.)

There was no way I could get home and back before the bank closed, so I called the Swede…who thankfully had returned from the laundry room but had not gotten in the in the shower yet.  She was kind enough to meet me at the bank entrance with my Swedish passport, and a moment later the clerk had done whatever it was he needed to do to allow me to activate the card in one of the cash machines located inside the bank. I was even able to assign my old PIN to it…which was kind of a relief since I hated the idea of having to remember a new one.

We celebrated my return to financial functionality by ordering pizza for dinner…paid for with my new bank card. I think it may have been the best pizza I ever bought with plastic on Friday night!

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