Sep 12 2007

I haven’t got time for the pain…

Yesterday I played golf for the first time in at least 5 years, and today I’m aching in places that I didn’t even know had muscles.  I expected some soreness in my legs and back, but geez … even my hands hurt.

It was a work event and I’m not even going to bother reporting my score.  Let’s just say that considering I hadn’t been on a golf course since moving to Sweden in 2002 (mostly because you have to have a license to play…get real), was using a borrowed set of clubs that were too long for me and didn’t have a proper glove, I was satisfied with the way I played. Especially on the front nine.

The back nine was a different story.  I spent so much time hacking out of sand traps and fishing balls out of the water that one of my colleagues nominated me for the traditional “Baywatch Award” … given to the player who spends the most time on the beach.

Which I suppose is better than getting it for resembling The Hoff or Pamela Anderson.

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