Sep 17 2007

Evidently I’m too short to work here?

The Ergonomics Lady made her annual visit to my company last week, and as usual, totally screwed with my office arrangement.  She was fine with my indirect lighting and the position of my computer monitor, but insisted that my chair and desk were too high.

Now I *knew* this was going to be an issue, because I got flagged for the exact same offense last year (and the year before that, too).  But because the Ergonomics Lady is conveniently a different person every time she sweeps thorough our offices…I can usually get away with undoing her adjustments shortly after she leaves.

So when she explained how my chair needed to be low enough to allow both of my feet to be flat on the floor…and how my desk then needed to be lowered so that my elbows bend at 90 degree angles when I’m using my keyboard, I just smiled and nodded. She even laughed at my usual  ergonomic joke about how I’m so short that my feet haven’t been flat on the floor while sitting in a chair since I was at elementary school…EARLY elementary school.

Of course it was no surprise that by the time she finished adjusting the furniture, my office looked like the set of Romper Room. But I wasn’t worried because it was only temporary.

Or so I thought.

Ergonomics Lady v.2007 broke my friggin’ chair!

Now the chair has always been a bit temperamental, but I was happy to put up with it because I love its forest green upholstery. But once Ergonomics Lady got finished with it, the chair would no longer lock at a normal adult height, which means my desk has to stay at kindergarten level as well.

This has been a huge source of entertainment for my colleagues … who not only laugh at the diminutive stature of my furniture, but have also taken to announcing (in loud booming voices) that they feel like giants when they walk into my office.  At least somebody’s ego is still intact.

On the upside, the Ergonomics Lady has ordered a new chair for me, which will probably take at least a month to arrive and will be black and ugly once it gets here. On second thought, I take back the part about “the upside.”

Feed my ego!

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