Sep 19 2007

Breaking in a new stylist…

I swear hairdressers in central Malmö must change jobs as often as I change underwear.  (Okay…perhaps that’s a *slight* exaggeration…but you get my drift.) 

One of the many benefits of living at The Penthouse-Nordic is the beauty salon located right across the street.  But in the 18 months I’ve been going there, I’ve had my hair cut by no fewer than 5 different people, and that number may very well be higher…it’s just too hard to keep track.

Now I’m not saying that this parade of stylists hasn’t been competent, because by-and-large, they’ve all been pretty good. But it’s always a bit of crap shoot when somebody is cutting your hair for the first time.  In my experience, each hairdresser has his or her own definition of “very short on the sides, a bit of fullness on the top and leave enough length in the back to cover that mole on my neck.” And when you’re trying to describe what you want in a second language (for me, Swedish, for them, English), there’s even more room for individual interpretation.

The other thing about “the first time” that throws me off my game is that a new stylist always wants to fluff and blow-dry and go crazy with all manner of “product” before I leave the shop.  This is pretty much a guarantee that I will NEVER be able to duplicate the look, but also that I won’t be able to cover up the newly exposed gray until I’ve washed all the gunk out and waited the prescribed 24 hours before colouring.  Gaaahhhhhh!

My latest hairdresser is from Macedonia and based on all the compliments I’ve had on her version of “very short on the sides (spot on), a bit of fullness on the top (not really) and leave enough length in the back to cover that mole on my neck” (completely ignored), I’m fairly happy with the result.  But I don’t think my colleagues are buying my story about having some distinguishing gray highlights added just above my ears.

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