Sep 27 2007

What’s your record for expired yogurt?

I’ve often pondered the question, “How does one actually know when yogurt goes bad?”  I mean, the stuff is kind of sour to begin with … so do you trust the Use By date or is that just a conspiracy to get you to buy more when you don’t actually need it?

Today I set a new personal record for consuming expired yogurt … but only because I was stupid enough to walk out the door this morning without my usual stash of Wasa Sandwiches.  Breakfast is not served in the office cafeteria until 8:30 a.m., and I arrived at 7:10 starving.

That’s when I remembered a carton of drinkable yogurt that I’d seen in the corridor fridge numerous times over the last few weeks.  It may have even been mine and I’d just forgotten about it.  In any case, it was sure to be “expired” and thus unlikely to be claimed by anyone else. (In my experience, the Swedish predisposition to strictly follow rules even extends to diary Use By dates, or as it’s designated in this country, “Best Before” dates.)

So the key questions were: How old was the yogurt and how many days past the Use By date was I still willing to drink it?  (Keep in mind that the plastic container had never been opened, had been constantly refrigerated, and I was really hungry courtesy of my latest effort to drop a few pounds.)

The answers were 6 months and 197.

Yeah, it tasted a little old but certainly not rancid.  And five hours later I still don’t appear to be any worse for wear.  But if anybody asks, I think I’ll tell them I’m training to be a contestant on “Fear Factor.” 

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