Oct 01 2007

Shazzer’s Greatest Hits: Sept. 2007

In addition to blogging regularly, I also read a number of blogs about blogging. This is because I’m a semi-closeted super geek.  But also because I’m something of a New Media junkie. Every single one of these blogs on blogging recommends highlighting your most popular posts in some way, so that folks who are surfing by for the first time (either on purpose or by accident) can easily get a taste of your “best” work.

My hosting service provides a ready-made widget that displays the top-read entries of all time (in the right-hand sidebar under the heading “Readers loved…”), but because the hit count for these posts stretches back over the entire history of the blog, the list is fairly static.

Then I remembered that in addition to tallying the top-read posts of all time, my built-in stats package generates a list of the top read entries over the last 7 and 28 days, respectively…it just doesn’t provide a specific widget for displaying them. So all I need to do is copy the list, paste it into the editor, create links to the actual posts, and viola! I’ve got an entry listing my most popular posts over the last 7 or 28 days.

Oh who am I kidding?! I’m never going to go to that much trouble on a regular basis. But I might manage to list, oh I don’t know… say, the Top 5 entries once a month or so. Here’s my first stab at it:

Top-read entries for September:

1. Today’s Travel Tip: Always take pickpocket warnings seriously

2. Bookends of stupidity…

3. Financially solvent again…

4. Evidently I’m too short to work here?

5. Social conservatives just need more life experience!

Which is not to say that these are *my* favorites by any means. In fact, only one of them (Evidently I’m too short to work here?) would make the list of what I consider to my best posts over the past month. The others would be:

Breaking in a new stylist… (Because it’s both true and funny.)


What is it about cowgirls? (Because it gives me another excuse to post a picture of Charlize Theron!)

Charlize Theron

(You can thank me later.) 

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