Oct 13 2007

Faux News should just be renamed the Right-Wingnut Network

I'm not sure which I find LESS surprising…that Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in raising awareness of Global Warming, or that Faux News attacked him, the Nobel Committee and the science behind the phenomenon immediately after the announcement.

As I've stated many times before, "FAIR & BALANCED MY @$$!"

Now there's lots of speculation circulating on whether or not the Nobel Prize will propel Gore into the race for the presidential nomination, but I kind of doubt that will happen.  I think he's way beyond playing the game anymore, and just doesn't want to engage in the kind of tactics and divisive dialogue a presidential campaign in the current political climate will require.

Besides that, it's not as though there aren't already some very good candidates in the Democratic field.  Hell, if GOP had any smarts, they would recruit Gore to run at the top of THEIR ticket, because that's the only chance they've got.

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