Oct 17 2007

Even Alpha Geeks can’t work miracles without hardware

Let me start off by saying that I have the utmost respect and admiration for the guys in my company’s IT support department.  Their’s is often a thankless job…especially since their success usually depends upon the computer competency of a bunch of technically-challenged middle managers.

I’m actually one of the more computer-literate people at my office, which is kind of a scary thought and gives you some idea of what these guys are up against every day.  If my computer doesn’t work, it’s usually due to illogical behavior on the part of the Windoze operating system I’m forced to navigate rather than operator error. (One of the first full sentences I learned to say in Swedish was: “This wouldn’t be an issue if you’d let me use a Mac.”) So I’m a “regular customer” at IT support, but a favorite since my problem is almost always a very simple fix an usually gives them a good laugh. 

But earlier this week I managed to stump them completely by…get this…showing up *without* my computer.  I had taken it home over the weekend because at the time, there was the possibility that I’d have to deal with some personal business in Malmö on Monday morning.  By the time I realized that plan was not going to materialize, I’d forgotten that I’d brought the laptop home.  (Plus we’d tidied up for some Sunday company and the briefcase got moved out of the entry hall where I would have been sure to see it on my way out the door.)

Since I don’t take my computer home with me that often, I didn’t even realize I’d left it there until I stepped off the train in Landskrona.  But I continued into my office anyway because surely IT support had a couple of older machines laying around for use as loaners. WRONG!  Not only was there no spare computer to be found anywhere in the building, but there wasn’t even anyone on vacation or home sick whose work station I could use for the day! So what are you going to do for me now, boys?

And so I found myself in the unusual position of actually having to GO HOME to be able to work. And you know it never would have been an issue if they’d just let me use a Mac!

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  1. litebeers

    Nice! I will remember THAT trick! 😀

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