Oct 28 2007

Gordon Ramsay overload…

My addiction to BBC Food (the TV cable channel, not the cafeteria fare) continues unabated…and lately I've been getting a double-shot of foul-mouthed Scottish chef Gordon Ramsay.  The network is running the latest season of "Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares" on Wednesday nights, and is featuring the first season of his series "The F Word" on Friday nights.

Now I've always loved Nightmares, but I'm having a litte harder time wrapping my mind around "The F Word" (which stands for food in this case). This is probably because it's a "magazine" formatted program rather than a reality TV show, and seems to feature a less abrasive, more well-rounded version of the fiery chef.  Sometimes Gordon's in the kitchen barking at the other chefs, sometimes he's in the dining room schmoozing with celebrity customers, and sometimes he's in his backyard with his kids (all quite young) and a flock of turkeys.

But one thing that's very clear…both on Nightmares and the "The F Word"…is the effort to frame Chef Ramsay, an undeniably attractive man in spite of his longshoreman's vocabulary, as something of a sex symbol.  On Nightmares, there's almost always a shot of him talking to the camera as he's changing from his street clothes into his chef's whites, or else in a very intimate setting like his hotel room, where he explains tomorrow's challenges while reclining on the bed.

The promos for "The F Word" are even more blatant, showing the tall, athletic former footballer discarding his jacket, undoing his tie and stripping off his dress shirt in slow-motion as he strides down a fancy-looking hallway.  Like we're supposed to believe he's heading to the kitchen with THAT look on his face?

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when he turned up in a dream I had last night.  A dream in which he flirted with me relentlessly, invited me into his restaurant kitchen and then proceeded to be impresssed with MY cooking, among other things…if you get my drift.

Now another TV network is threatening to start airing the latest season of Hell's Kitchen and it's hard to imagine what will turn up in my dreams once I'm exposed to the equivalent of a weekly Gordon Ramsay tri-fecta.  But I CAN'T WAIT to find out!


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