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Nov 30 2007

Past Tense: who needs it really?

As the child of two high school English teachers (and a professional writer), I have some extra appreciation for this article from The Onion: Underfunded Schools Forced To Cut Past Tense From Language Programs WASHINGTON—Teaching students how to conjugate verbs so that they can describe events that have already occurred is a luxury many schools …

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Nov 28 2007

Chicken & Dumplings, just what the Dr. ordered!

Never underestimate the restorative power of your mother’s own cooking. In addition to Chicken & Dumplings, I’ve also been treated to my aunt’s wonderful variation on Polish Noodles & Cabbage, and perfectly seasoned fried eggs over-easy with hot buttered toast. YUM. My appetite seems to have returned with a vengeance, but I can’t say the …

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Nov 24 2007

Recuperative weekend

Good Gawd the human body’s ability to heal is an amazing thing. It’s now four full days since the surgery and I still have one hell of a black eye…but at least now I look as though I might have been on the winning side of the fight! By Saturday morning I was able dial …

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Nov 23 2007

New entry category: The Cyclops Chronicles

Hello and welcome to my first entry as a singularly-sighted blogger.  Can you tell the difference?  I sure can. While what vision I had in that eye wasn't very good, it did allow me to at least have some idea of what was happening on my right-hand side. (Insert Irish brogue here.) Now, I got …

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Nov 20 2007

Buh-bye double vision

God willing and the creek don't rise, the evil tumor will be excised from my head tomorrow morning at 8 a.m. Sweden time.  Sadly, my right eye will have to go with it.  But given that I haven't been able to see much out of it since the middle of October, I don't think I'm …

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Nov 17 2007

Kucinich hits one out of the park…

Go Dennis! It's your birthday!

Nov 16 2007

The Mothership Returns

My Mom arrived from the U.S. yesterday afternoon to help see me through my upcoming surgery and convalescence. Sound like a fun trip, or what?! Initially we thought her getting here on Thursday might be cutting it a little close in terms of giving her time to get over the jetlag before we go to …

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