Nov 07 2007

Why don’t glasses have windshield wipers?

I have new-found respect for people who wear glasses…especially on rainy days.

Since we returned from Stockholm last week, I've taken to wearing a pair of shatter-proof sports glasses pretty much all the time…the idea being that I need to get into the habit of being over-protective of my left eye since it will soon be the only one I have. (Cue one-hit wonder Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" here.)

And while I've owned and worn (and lost) many pairs of sunglasses over the years, I've never had an occasion to wear them in the rain. So may I just say what a total pain-in-the-ass that is to do?! Criminy!  If they could put a man on the moon…

Of course the other option is to stop being lazy about digging the ever-present umbrella out of my backpack.

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