Nov 09 2007

E-Day is November 19

I spoke to my local eye doctor yesterday and she put me on her surgical schedule for November 19, which will give my Mom enough time to get here from the U.S. and re-set her body clock before I go under the knife.

Surprisingly, the doc had yet to receive the results of my consult with the ocular oncologists in Stockholm…which explains why I hadn't heard from her earlier in the week.  Evidently I will be summoned for a pre-surgical consult with the anesthesiologist sometime next week, and then we're good to go.

I'm feeling fairly calm about the surgery itself, which I understand is a relatively simple procedure as far as operations go.  And the physical recovery time is really short compared to the abdominal surgeries I've been through before.  I am a little nervous about the short hospital stay, but only because of the potential language gap. (Note to self: memorize the phrase "I need more painkillers, stat!" in Swedish.)

All the doctors I've talked to have said the mental and emotional recovery is the tougher part.  My brain is going to need some time to adjust to the reduced visual input, and I'm going to have to learned to operate with severely limited depth-perception. Then there's the whole eye patch/prosthetic eye thing to get used to…which may actually be a bigger adjustment for Dr. Darling, who has to look at me a lot more often than I ever do.

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