Nov 16 2007

The Mothership Returns

My Mom arrived from the U.S. yesterday afternoon to help see me through my upcoming surgery and convalescence. Sound like a fun trip, or what?!

Initially we thought her getting here on Thursday might be cutting it a little close in terms of giving her time to get over the jetlag before we go to the hospital.  But we needn't have worried, because my procedure has already been bumped to Wednesday the 21st, something I was told would not happen unless an emergency  surgical case materialized on 19th. (Evidently the person who schedules the OR is psychic.)

So now I'm scrambling to inform all of the wonderful folks who are planning to direct a chorus of prayers, good thoughts and positive vibes my way on E-Day to reschedule that effort to the 21st. (I'm sure the American contingent doesn't have anything better to do the day before Thanksgiving!)

We're having a remarkably good visit so far, considering the circumstances.  I actually feel more confident and positive about my long-term prognosis since she arrived, and it's really nice to get a break from being scared. At one point I even asked her if she'd consider staying for the next five years. (She's willing, but suspects (correctly) that Dr. Darling wouldn't be too thrilled with the idea.)

Tonight we made her watch the first half of Swedish Idol (an entire program would have qualified as "cruel and unusual punishment") to see if I had been too harsh in my earlier critique of the show.  Her verdict: "Pretty lame." I feel totally vindicated.

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