Nov 23 2007

New entry category: The Cyclops Chronicles

Hello and welcome to my first entry as a singularly-sighted blogger.  Can you tell the difference?  I sure can. While what vision I had in that eye wasn't very good, it did allow me to at least have some idea of what was happening on my right-hand side. (Insert Irish brogue here.) Now, I got nuttin'!

But I'm feeling pretty good otherwise. The doctor turned me loose from the hospital about 9:30 yesterday morning, which…under the circumstances…was probably the best possible thing that could happen here on Thanksgiving Day, otherwise known in Sweden as "Thursday."

The pain meds are keeping me comfortable, but I've got the shiner from hell…which makes me wonder just exactly how they went about removing the eye anyway?  I mean, I expected a bit of bruising, but I look like I've lost a bar brawl BADLY.  I kept it covered with a white gauze bandage all day yesterday, but the tape needed to keep it stuck to my face is somewhat irritating so I'm free-styling it today.

My Mom has to apply an anti-bacterial salve to the lower lid twice a day (because Dr. Darling is too squeamish to handle it). And I need to take a bit of care when I shower…but other than that, it's a pretty low-maintenance surgical wound. It does tear spontaneously and uncontrollably, which only adds to my rather pitiful appearance. 

But, as usual, I'm working it to my best advantage!

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