Nov 24 2007

Recuperative weekend

Good Gawd the human body’s ability to heal is an amazing thing.

It’s now four full days since the surgery and I still have one hell of a black eye…but at least now I look as though I might have been on the winning side of the fight!

By Saturday morning I was able dial my pain medication back to half of the prescribed dose, and that afternoon I ventured out for the first time since getting home from the hospital.

I’ve got to be honest and admit that my newly narrowed field of vision is a little unnerving.  Navigating the familiar confines of The Penthouse-Nordic was one thing; negotiating the streets of central Malmö on Long Saturday* was something else entirely.  Fortunately both Dr. Darling and Mom were adept at taking turns as my “wingman” on the right side…which boosted my comfort level enormously.

I’m sure that’s exactly what the instructors at Top Gun intended!

*In Sweden, the first Saturday after payday is known as “Long Saturday” because many stores are open later than usual to give consumers maximum opportunity to part with their hard-earned cash. “Later than usual ” means 5 p.m. I kid you not.

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