Dec 04 2007

The Mothership Departs, again

Ladies and gentlemen, the World’s Greatest Home Healthcare Aid has left the building.

It was with very mixed emotions that I put my Mom on a plane for the U.S. this afternoon. On one hand, it was probably the easiest goodbye we’ve done since I moved to Sweden, because barring any unforeseen complications, I’ll be heading her way in a few weeks (for Christmas).

On the other hand, I’m feeling more than a little anxious about being on my own for most of the next two days while Dr. Darling is at work. Not so much because of the limited vision…’cause I do seem to be adjusting to that fairly well. It’s more because my Mom’s presence has kept me from worrying about the long-haul. And as eager as I am for my life to get back to normal, I know my new version of “normal” is going to include occasional waves of terror associated with being monitored for the possible spread of the recently departed tumor. Fun. (NOT.)

Okay…I’m done whining.

Except to say that I miss my Mom already.

Oh, and I also discovered that a Starbucks has opened in the Copenhagen Airport since I was there last. When I lived in the U.S., Starbucks coffee was never my favorite (I think they over-roast their beans) but I loved the atmosphere in their stores.  The Kastrup Starbucks doesn’t quite have the ambience down, but it was comfortingly familiar, and my Mom was able to get decaf…which is something of a minor miracle in most parts of Scandinavia. Sweet.


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