Dec 07 2007

Cleared to fly!

I had my surgical follow-up with the eye doctor yesterday afternoon and she gave me the green light to go to the U.S. for the holidays. This trip was planned long before SHED (Shazzer’s Hinky Eye Drama), though I put off buying the plane ticket until I was sure I’d be allowed to go (and paid dearly for my common sense…OUCH!).

The doc said the eye socket looked great and I’m healing really well. So much so that she made me an appointment to be fitted with a temporary prosthetic on Dec. 20, which was a major surprise since I didn’t really expect that to happen before Christmas.

She also said that my low energy level very common following a major surgery, and reminded me that there is alot of stuff going on neurologically that’s contributing to it.  After all, my lone left eye is now doing all the work and my brain is learning to compensate for the limited visual input, which takes energy that I don’t even realize I’m expending.

For this reason, we decided that I’ll return to work half-time next week rather than full-time, initially working from home. Nobody seems to be in a big hurry for me to go back to work except for me, so I guess I’ll bow to the will of the majority.

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