Dec 13 2007

Back to the grind, sort of…

I've been working half-time this week, but doing so from the comfort of The Penthouse-Nordic. It feels really good to be "back on the job", and four hours in front of a computer seems just about right…though I suspect that's probably because I can take frequent and extended breaks when I need them.

Still, it's been an important step in getting back to some kind of normal. Along those lines, I had dinner with some colleagues at a restaurant here in Malmö on Tuesday evening, and learned that A) I can, with concentration, handle a full set of silverware and multiple wine and drink glasses without embarrassing myself, and B) my Swedish is REALLY rusty from being at home for the last month!

So tomorrow, I'm going to make the trek to Landskrona to do my four hours IN the office, which I only just slightly nervous about.  I plan to go up mid-morning and come back mid-afternoon so I can make both ends of the commute in the daylight.  Should be interesting.

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