Dec 20 2007

Imagining all the party tricks in my future…

I was fitted for a temporary prosthetic eye this afternoon, a procedure that I thought would be much more complicated than it actually was. The nurse brought out what looked like a flat jeweler's case containing a selection of brown right eyes in different sizes. She then selected three that she thought might work for me.

I kind of anticipated it would feel strange when she placed it in the socket, and I was right about that. The first one was a little too large and kind of pinched when I blinked.  She used a tiny spatula-looking thing to pop it out, and it was hard to resist the urge to flinch even though I knew there was no eye there to get poked.

The second one fit much better and within a few minutes I could hardly feel it was there.  It doesn't match my left eye perfectly, but then again it is only an "off-the-rack" loaner until I get fitted for my permanent one in January. Additionally, my right eyelid is a little droopy…but the nurse said that will be better with my custom prosthetic, too.

The session did not include any care or cleaning training for me as I'm not supposed to take it out unless I develop an irritation or infection or something…in which case I should call the eye clinic. I will be taught how to handle insertion and removal when I get my permanent one next month. That should be really interesting.

I'm now getting ready to sleep with it for the first time. Here's hoping it doesn't accidently fall out in the night, because Dr. Darling would TOTALLY freak!

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