Jan 11 2008

When size really does matter…

While the size of the desk in my office hasn’t really changed, it sure feels bigger since the arrival of my new flat-screen computer monitor.

From what I’ve observed around my workplace, it seems I’m one of the last people in the company to get one. Because even though there’s a regular upgrade schedule for all computer hardware here at corporate HQ, the IT Department adheres to the underlying principal of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” for as long as possible.

My dinosaur-esque 15-inch monitor (which was old when I inherited it over three years ago) was still chugging along quite nicely and not scheduled to be swapped out until my laptop is upgraded later this year. But things changed after my surgery. Not only was the flat-screen monitor fast-tracked, I was also given a 17-incher rather than the standard size. (Evidently there are some benefits to losing an eye.)

So far I’m really loving the extra real estate, not just on my computer screen but also on my desk. In fact, my office actually feels bigger! It’s almost as if I got a promotion without any added responsibility!

This has me wondering just how far I can push my new monocular status.  Next up, converting my need for the maximum amount of natural light into an exterior-facing window! (Wish me luck!)

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